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How to prevent JSP recompilation in WebLogic Server

My previous post explains how to precompile JSPs with the WebLogic wlappc Ant task. This is a follow-up explaining how to prevent WebLogic Server to recompile the JSPs completely.

Add the following snippet to the weblogic.xml of your WAR.


Add the following snippet to the web.xml of your WAR.



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How to precompile JSPs with the WebLogic wlappc Ant task

The following Ant snippet allows you to precompile your JSPs (and more) for WebLogic Server.

<!-- Define some properties -->
<property name="weblogic.server.dir" value="C:/Oracle/Middleware"/>
<property name="weblogic.server.lib.dir" value="${weblogic.server.dir}/wlserver_10.3/server/lib"/>
<property name="pathTo.weblogic.jar" value="${weblogic.server.lib.dir}/weblogic.jar"/>
<property name="war.src.dir" value="${basedir}/build/war"/>
<property name="war.dist.dir" value="${basedir}/dist"/>

<!-- Add the WebLogic appc task definition to the current project -->
<taskdef name="wlappc" classname="weblogic.ant.taskdefs.j2ee.Appc" classpath="${pathTo.weblogic.jar}"/>

<!-- Set up the classpath for the WebLogic appc task -->
<path id="wlappc.classpath">

<!-- Compile the source of your WAR file with weblogic.appc -->
<target name="wlCompileWarSrc">
    <wlappc source="${war.src.dir}" classpathref="wlappc.classpath" keepgenerated="true"
            debug="true" linenumbers="true" verbose="true" verbosejavac="true"/>

<!-- Make the project WAR -->
<target name="war" depends="wlCompileWarSrc">

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